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Jewish Literacy — Rabbi Joseph Telushkin

The Most Important Things to Know About the Jewish Religion, Its People, and Its History
By: Rabbi Joseph Telushkin

Ranges through all of Jewish history and literature to extract the enduring concepts that one needs to know to be a culturally literate and informed modern Jew. The basic terms and concepts of Judaism and the most significant facts, events, and personalities of Jewish history and contemporary Jewish life are presented.

Torah with a Twist of Humor- Joe Bobker

A lively retelling of the stories in the bible as read each week in the synagogue. Interspersed are jokes and anecdotes that highlight the author’s points. The author uses highly original analysis and interpretation of the major events of the bible, adding Rabbinic and Midrashic sources to bolster his contentions

PurimShpiel (Illustrated Megillat Esther) — Gadi Pollack

An imaginatively illustrated Megillas Esther. The events in the Book of Esther are presented in the light of Midrashic sources (noted at the end of the book), with the addition of humorous details and whimsical touches in the spirit of the traditional "Purim Play". Included is the full text of the Megillah in Hebrew with English translation, from The Margolin Edition of the Torah.

A Rose of the Valley — Rabbi Rahamim Shaul Sultan

A beautiful, sensitive portrayal of the laws of taharat hamishpachah (family purity) according to the Sephardic custom. This leatherbound book is sure to be cherished and valued by every Sephardic woman and bride. Also includes: a concise summary for quick reference; Tefillat Hannah: Prayers for purity and posterity with full English translations;

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Reform Judaism

Reform Judaism affirms the central tenets of Judaism - God, Torah and Israel - even as it acknowledges the diversity of Reform Jewish beliefs and practices.

Branches of Judaism

Jewish movements, often referred to as denominations, branches or sects of Judaism, differ from each other in some beliefs and thus in the way they observe Judaism.