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Agama and Tripitaka :Language and Literature/Acharya Shri Nagrajji.

Volume two deals with language and literature. Besides references of Yask, Panini, Katyayan and Patanjali, Acharya Shri has produced illustrations and conclusions from Greek, Latin and Hebrew languages. He has referred to Vedic, Bodh and Jain ideologies with critical evaluation. In addition to exposing the short-sighted attitude of religious doctrinaires towards languages, he deals with geographical, historical and cultural backgrounds of ancient languages.


Jain Ramayana—Paumacaryu :Rendering into English from Apabhramsa/Shantilal Nagar.

The Ramayana has been popular with the masses of the country from the time immemorial. Initially it was known in fragments or in the form of folk tales but after the composition of the Ramayana by the sage Valmiki, there had been a boost in its popularity. The importance of the story of Rama became quite wide-spread and it influenced the hearts of the poets irrespective of the religious barriers. After the composition of the text by the sage Valmiki, the text influenced the poets of the other faiths like the Buddhism and Jainism.

Jaina Astronomy :A Challenge to Western Influences/S.S. Lishk.

This work is an unique contribution which deals with mathematical analysis of ancient Indian astronomy. It covers the post Vedanga and pre-Siddhantic period the so called Dark Period and hither to remaining as a forgotten chapter in history of ancient Indian mathematics and astronomy.

Jainism and Western Thinkers/K.L. Chanchreek and Mahesh K. Jain.

The present study "Jainism and Western Thinkers," contains research based select writings of western scholars on Jaina religion and philosophy, who have taken great pains in studying the Jaina scriptures and critically analysing the Jaina doctrine. In fact, during colonial rule and even in independent India foreign scholars have elaborately studied the antiquity, historicity and principles of Jainism and discussed at length the various aspects of Jaina religion based on Jaina scriptures, inscriptions, excavated finds as well as historical references.

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Let Us Learn To Forgive
Forgiveness not only makes us whole once again, it energizes us and makes our world more beautiful that ever..

Vegetarianism- A Synonym For Ahimsa

The killing, which is done through the careless activity of thought, speech and body, is violence.


According to the Jain belief the universe and its constituents are eternal.